Unrated Blitz Tournament Tonight!

July 2, 2014

The Georgetown Chess Club will have an unrated blitz (G/5;d2) tournament tonight. ‘Unrated’ means that you do not need to be a member of the United Stated Chess Federation to play; anyone can play! ‘Blitz’ means we will use chess clocks set with 5 minutes for each player, with a 2 second delay if your clock supports that. The total time for each game is about 10 minutes. If you run out of time, you lose!

Bring a set and a chess clock if you have one. An iPhone with the chess.com app can serve as a chess clock.

Location: Georgetown Public Library, 2nd Floor Community Room
Entrance fee: FREE
Registration: July 2, 5:30 -6:00 PM
First round starts: July 2, 6:15 PM (one night event)


1. Scorekeeping (recording the game) is not required.
2. Illegal move causes loss. Making any illegal move and then hitting the clock causes a loss if the opponent calls it before touching a piece. The exception is that if the illegal move was leaving the King in jeopardy, the opponent may (very satisfyingly) take the King.
3. Correcting illegal moves. A player may correct their own illegal move on the same turn if they have not yet hit their clock. However, touch-move otherwise still applies, so a touched piece must be moved if a legal move can be made. Likewise, a touched opponent’s piece must be taken if it can be taken legally. Illegal moves that are not identified by the opponent before they touch a piece will stand. (This is a club rule; the USCF has a slightly different rule.)
4. Triple occurrence of position. Repetition of position can be claimed if a TD or impartial witness supports the claim.
5. Both flags down. If both players are out of time, the game is drawn.
6. Hands. Use the same hand to hit the clock that you use to move your piece. Your hand may not hover above the clock while moving pieces with the opposite hand.
7. Claim of insufficient losing chances. Such a claim can only be made when the claimant has less than 1 minute remaining. If the claim is denied, 1 minute is removed from the claimant’s clock, causing an automatic loss.


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