First annual GCC championship begins July 9!

We are pleased to announce the First Annual Georgetown Chess Club Championship, which begins this Wednesday, July 9. This is 6-round G/90;+10 Swiss tournament.  It is a USCF-rated event, so you need to be a member of the USCF to participate. We maintain low entry fees to make our club as inclusive as possible, so this tournament is for ‘bragging rights’, and no prize money will be awarded. One 1/2-pt BYE is allowed in the first 4 rounds. BYEs MUST be requested by noon on Monday before the round [with the exception of Round 1; late entries can start with Round 2 (and take a 1/2 pt BYE for Round 1), but must inform the TD by noon on the Monday before Round 2 (July 14)]. Rounds will be paired and posted on Monday evenings and will not be changed unless there are withdrawals.  No BYEs in Rounds 5 or 6. Provided that your opponent is available and willing, games can be rescheduled if you cannot make a particular round at the scheduled club date and time. Any rescheduled games should be played between the time they are paired and noon on the Monday before the next round.

Tie-breaking rules will be posted soon.

July 9 – Round 1
July 16 – Round 2
July 23 – Round 3
July 30 – Round 4
Aug 6 – Casual play / make-up games
Aug 13 – Casual play / make-up games
Aug 20 – Round 5
Aug 27 – Round 6

What: GCC First Annual Chess Championship
Dates: July 9, 16, 23, 30, August 20, 27
Where: Georgetown Public Library, 2nd Floor Community Room
Registration: 5:30 – 6:00 PM, July 9
Entrance Fee: $2.00
Rounds begin: 6:15 PM – opponent can start your clock if you do not show by 6:15
BYEs: One 1/2-pt BYE allowed, Rounds 1-4; Make-up games can be completed by noon on Monday before next round, provided that your opponent agrees to rescheduling your game.

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