Reminder about BYE policy for the GCC championship

Reminder: if you are eligible for a 1/2 pt BYE and wish to request one for Round 3, you must do so by noon today (that’s like, NOW)!

Only one 1/2-pt BYE may be taken in Rounds 1-4, and NO 1/2-pt BYES taken in Rounds 5 & 6.

If you are ineligible for a BYE (because you have already taken one or because it is Round 5 or 6), you should still inform the TD if you will miss a round. You will still get 0 points for the round, but the resulting pairings for the round will be better. In such cases, allowing the TD to re-pair will likely force someone in the lowest score group to take a forced 1-pt BYE. Otherwise, your opponent gets a point for your forfeit if you don’t show for your scheduled match.

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