Possible Championship Playoff after Round 6 on Aug 27

Although there is no prize money in our Championship tournament, we will establish clear 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. Given that there are 6 Rounds and only 12 players, there are pretty good chances of having natural clarity for places 1-3. If there is a tie, however, we will establish clarity with a playoff. The following rules for the playoff are proposed and will be adopted after discussion at the club this week. We may establish different rules according to the outcome of the that discussion (such as longer time controls), but keep in mind that playoff games will be played immediately following the 6th round, so it may be a long day for those players if there is a 3-way tie (or 4-way).

2-way tie: One sudden-death game. White and Black are decided by a coin flip. White gets 5 minutes with a 3-second increment, Black gets 6 minutes with a 3-second increment and draw odds (a draw is considered a victory for Black).

3-way tie: Two sudden-death games. Game 1: Highest rated plays lowest rated. Game 2: Middle rated player plays winner of Game 1. Colors decided by coin flip, same rules as above.

4-way tie: Three sudden-death games: Game 1: Highest rated vs. 3rd. Game 2: 2nd highest rated vs 4th. Game 3: winner of Game 1 vs. winner of Game 2. Colors by coin flip, same rules as above.

If you have comments, but will not be at the club this week, please send your comments by email. -VV (vvanburen@gmail.com)

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