Round 6 Pairings – GCC Championship

Click below for pairings for the final round of the GCC Championship (Round 6):

ROUND 6 pairings – GCC Championship

Reminder: playoffs will be used for any ties in places 1-3. We will use the procedure for playoffs described here.

Thomas— You have a forced 1-pt BYE this round because I had to re-pair due to Mark’s withdraw. You finish the tournament with 3 pts.

Standings after Round 5

Aaron K.  —  4.5
Darryl W.  —  3.5
Forrest M.  —  3.0
Herb B.  —  3.0  [FINAL]
David E.  —  3.0
Thomas G.  —  3.0  [FINAL]
Roger P.  —  2.5
Vincent V.  —  2.5
Leonard D.  —  2.5
Terrell B.  —  1.5
Mark B.  —  1.5  [FINAL]
Earl R.  —  0.5  [FINAL]

So, Aaron and Darryl are the only players still in it for first place, but everyone playing a game this week is still in it for a possible trophy place (2nd or 3rd). Be sure you stick around after your game if you have a competitive score; you may need to participate in playoff games. Playoff games will commence immediately at the club after we have the results of Round 6 this Wednesday, Aug 27. Thomas— although you do not have a Round 6 pairing, you are still in it for a possible 3rd place. If Roger and I draw and Aaron and Darryl win their respective games, several people could end up with 3 pts, which would lead to a bunch of playoff games that would include you.

Aaron, Forrest– I understand that you will play your game in Temple. Please let me know the result ASAP, as it will be important for determining placements. Forrest, be aware that there is some possibility that there will be a playoff that includes you, regardless of your final score (3.0-4.0). Any needed playoff games will be played this Wednesday immediately after Round 6 games are completed. Thanks!  -Vince

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