Possible re-pairing tonight

Hi All,

There is some possibility of re-pairing tonight’s games. David has a student who has shown some interest in playing in our tournament. As the pairings stand, Thomas has a forced BYE, which I informed him of last week.

Re-pairing is therefore contingent on on two things: (1) David’s student confirming that he will play, and (2) Thomas’ awareness of the change and his availability to play. As I have already told Thomas that he has a BYE, I won’t assume that he is is available unless he gets in touch to confirm. If Thomas is a no-show tonight, then I won’t re-pair.

Thomas, please let me know if you will be available for play tonight.
David, please confirm whether your student wants to play. I expect that if Thomas is available, that he will want to play. Thanks!


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