2nd Annual GCC Club Championship begins tonight!

The Georgetown Chess Club is please to host the Second Annual Georgetown Chess Club Championship.
What: USCF-regular-rated 5-round G/90; +10
Registration: 5:30 – 6:00 PM, Wed Nov 11, 2015
Fee: $5
Round 1 Starts: 6:00-6:15 PM
Where: Second floor community room, Georgetown Public Library, Georgetown, TX

It would help the registration process go smoothly if you would send an email to me to let me know that you are planning to enter the tournament. In particular, you must let me know if you are planning to play but need to make a first round BYE request. Email: vvanburen@gmail.com

Calendar for the GCC Championship
Nov 11: 2015 GCC CHAMPIONSHIP – ROUND 1 (G/90; +10, regular-rated, $5 entry, trophies to 1st-3rd overall, all play in one open section, medals to U1600 1st-3rd, half-point BYES available Rounds 1-3, after Round 1 all BYE requests MUST be made by Monday at noon preceding the round you are requesting a BYE). Rounds 4 & 5: zero-point BYES only.

Nov 18: 2015 GCC CHAMPIONSHIP – ROUND 2 (G/90; +10)
Nov 25: No meeting, Thanksgiving week
Dec 2: 2015 GCC CHAMPIONSHIP – ROUND 3 (G/90; +10)
Dec 9: 2015 GCC CHAMPIONSHIP – ROUND 4 (G/90; +10)
Dec 16: 2015 GCC CHAMPIONSHIP – ROUND 5 (G/90; +10, final round)
Dec 23: No meeting (Holiday week)
Dec 30: No meeting (Holiday week)

In the event of ties, tie-break procedures will be used to award trophies and medals. The procedures used and the order of their application will be:
1. The result of any head-to-head meeting in the championship games
2. Greater # of wins
3. Greater # with Black
4. Median
5. Solkof
6. Cumulative
7. Cumulative Opponent’s

You can find an explanation of these procedures at:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tie-breaking_in_Swiss-system_tournaments

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