Rated Blitz Chess tonight!

Happy New Year! To mix things up we will have a rated double round robin blitz (G/5) tournament tonight (Jan 6). Depending on turnout, we may have multiple sections. EF: $1, USCF membership required.

Jan 13, 20, and 27 we will have a rated 3-round tournament in the usual format (G/90;+10). EF: $2, USCF membership required.

Feb 3, 10, 17, 24 we will try a rated 4-round tournament at a new time control: G/90;+30. The rationale for 4-rounds is that USCF requires tournaments to be at least 4 rounds to award norms towards titles. The rationale for the new time control is to basically eliminate time scrambles, and to be consistent with the typical format now used at the Austin Chess Club. These measures are designed to attract more players. I will be more diligent about getting started by 6:15PM with this longer time control. EF: $2, USCF membership required.

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