New books from author of The Turk

Gerald Levitt, author of “The Turk,” contacted the Georgetown Chess Club to let us know about some new books he has written. His note follows:

   I am Dr. Gerald M.Levitt, award winning author of The Turk, Chess Automaton(Mcfarland 2000;2006). I have recently published two books on Amazon/Kindle. The first is The True Origins of Chess: Ancient Greece-Yes, India-No. The second is a collection of science fiction short stories with two stories having strong chess themes called Shooting Star, Inverted Hearts, and other Short Stories.

  I am the author of two printed books(The Turk, Chess Automaton, and The Sphagnum Moss Bonsai Method, An illustrated Handbook (Mcfarland 2011). I have also published numerous magazine articles on Chess History, and science fiction short stories. I was the author of Chess For Everyone, a column on chess that appeared in The Frankford Gleaner newspaper. In 2015, my book on The Turk was named one of the ten best chess books ever written by Jeremy Silman, noted chess writer and critic. Some of my magazine articles have won awards from the Chess Journalist of America (the last being Edgar Allan Poe vs. The Turk-Again, which won for Best Historical Article). I was the chess expert on the University of Pennsylvania’s award willing radio station, WXPN. I appeared there  on Kid’s Corner where I would speak about chess related subjects and then answer live questions on air from the callers.

   My book about The True Origins of chess (217 pages) is available on Amazon at this website: 1 2?ie=UTF8&qid=1449802171&sr=8-2&keywords=ancient+greece+chess


The website for the Short Story collection is: 1 1?ie=UTF8&qid=1450620074&sr=8-1&keywords=shooting+star+inverted


You can also do a search on Amazon for “Ancient Greece Chess” and “Shooting Star Inverted.”

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