Pairings for Round 2 of February Swiss // change of venue

We have a slight inconvenience for our club meeting this week: we will be meeting in the Texas History room, which is on the 2nd floor next to the book store. The main inconvenience is that we will need to pack up and move before the Library closes at 8:00 PM. Be prepared to briefly adjourn your game at around 7:50 PM, and at that time we will move back over to one of the community rooms. Use the camera on your phone to take a picture of your board so we can resume games quickly after we move. Sorry about the inconvenience, but Library staff had to reshuffle rooms this week to accommodate paying guests.

Standings after Round 1

Robert S. — 1.0
Vince V. — 1.0
Roger P. — 1.0
Leonard D. — 1.0
Suraj S. — 0.5
Abhi C. — 0.5
Anshu C. — 0.5
Terry B. — 0.5
Mark B. — 0
Darryl W. — 0
David E. — 0
Ravi S. — 0

Pairings for Round 2

1. Robert S. — Roger P.
2. Leonard D. — Vince V.
3. Terry B. — Anshu C.
4. Abhi C. — Suraj S.
5. Ravi S. — Darryl W.
6. Mark B. — David E.

Note that natural pairings were altered so that the Chennurus would not be paired against each other. This only affected pairings 3 and 4.

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