Tentative pairings for Round 2 of March Swiss

I will be taking a BYE in Round 2 to spend time with family over spring break. As it stands, this unfortunately means that Suraj S. will have a forced BYE. There is some chance that we may have a new entrant in Round 2, and that would change the following pairings. Stay tuned for possible adjustments to the pairings; I will post the final pairings by noon on Wednesday.

Standings after Round 1

Vince V. — 1.5 (after 1/2-pt BYE in Round 2)
Roger P. — 1.0
Abhi C. — 1.0
Leonard D. — 1.0
Terry B. — 0.0
David E. — 0.0
Anshu C. — 0.0
Suraj S. — 1.0 (after tentative forced 1-pt BYE in Round 2)

Round 2 pairings (tentative)

Vince V. — BYE (1/2 pt)
Roger P. — Abhi C.
Leonard D. — Terry B.
Anshu C. — David E.
Suraj S. — BYE (1 pt)



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