Chess Events in May

Chess Friends,

We have some special events for the month of May beginning this week! We start this week with an opportunity for you to show off your favorite chess set. For the second and third weeks, we have opportunities for you to try out some interesting chess variants.  We conclude the month May with an opportunity for you to match wits with a strong expert player in a chess simul ($5 entry fee)! All events are on the second floor of the Georgetown Public Library, and registration begins at 5:30 PM for events on May 11, 18, 25. (No registration needed for May 4) Registration closes at 6:00 PM and play should start by 6:15 PM.

May 4 – Chess set Show ’n Tell and casual chess. Bring your coolest chess set(s) to show it off, and stay to play some casual games. No entry fee.

May 11 – Bughouse tournament. Unrated. No entry fee. Bring set and game clock, if you have one. What’s Bughouse? It’s a variant of chess where teams of two people play against each other. (Bring a teammate with you, or get to the club early to find one). You and you teammate have opposite colors, and when your teammate takes one of her opponent’s pieces, she hands it to you and when it is your turn you can place it on your board instead of a regular move. Games are played at a five-minute time control, so it is fast-paced and wild. We will be playing by the scholastic rules set up by the USCF: Bughouse rules. In particular, captured pawns cannot be placed on the first or last rank, and the games are played clock-move, where the move is not finalized until the clock is pressed.

May 18
 – Chess 960 tournament. 3 rounds, G/20;+10. Unrated. No entry fee. Bring set and game clock, if you have one. What is Chess 960: Also called Fischer Random Chess, Chess 960 is a chess variant that randomizes the ordering of pieces on the back rank. There are certain constraints to the the randomization, including (1) the Bishops must be on opposite colors, and (2) the King must be between the two Rooks. The Black pieces are placed to mirror the randomized White pieces. This leads to a variant where there are 960 possible starting configurations. We will be using the rules for Chess 960 as described on Wikipedia: Chess 960 rules. Other normal tournament chess rules apply, including touch-move. We will have 3 rounds played at Game in 20 minutes (for each player), with a 10-second bonus time (increment) for each move made.

May 25
 – Chess simul with USCF Expert Craig LaSalle. Limited to 30 participants. $5 participation fee. Bring a set. No fee for spectators. Participants will be arranged in a circuit, and Mr. Lasalle will make his moves one board at a time, proceeding through the circuit format. Participants wait until Mr. LaSalle comes to their board, then immediately make their move for him to see. Participants will be given 3 tokens that they can use to get Mr. LaSalle to ‘pass’ their board, allowing the participant more time to think about their move as Mr. LaSalle makes another round through the circuit. We are thrilled to have a strong player for this simul! Here is a brief biography for Mr. LaSalle: Craig LaSalle is a professional chess coach and a United States Chess Federation expert with a current rating of 2123. He has been been studying chess since he was fifteen years old, and has won city championships in Springfield Missouri, Rochester New York, and Austin Texas. For more than a decade he has focused most of his chess energy on coaching and currently is the head chess coach for the award winning Laurel Mountain Elementary chess team in Austin.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Vincent VanBuren
President, Georgetown Chess Club

May 2016 Chess flyer

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