Bughouse tournament tonight! – Wed, May 11

Wed, May 11, Registration 5:30-6pm, Round 1 starts at 6:15 – Bughouse tournament, G/5. Unrated. No entry fee. Bring set and game clock, if you have one. What’s Bughouse? It’s a variant of chess where teams of two people play against each other. (Bring a teammate with you, or get to the club early to find one). You and you teammate have opposite colors, and when your teammate takes one of her opponent’s pieces, she hands it to you and when it is your turn you can place it on your board instead of a regular move. Games are played at a five-minute time control, so it is fast-paced and wild. We will be playing by the scholastic rules set up by the USCF: Bughouse rules. In particular, captured pawns cannot be placed on the first or last rank, and the games are played clock-move, where the move is not finalized until the clock is pressed.

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