Round 2 pairings for October Swiss

If you would like to enter our tournament in Round 2, or just play a round for this week only, please let me know. As the pairings stand now, we have a forced BYE in Round 2 for Austin M. 

Note about the Library: The Library is officially closed this Wednesday, but they are very kind to us and are letting us play at our normal time. I will be waiting in the lobby to let people in the building. Depending on which entrance you use, you may need to knock to get my attention. Please make an effort to get in the building before 6:00. Otherwise you may need to text me to get me to open the door: fiv-ONE-two.970.two-Zero57

Round 1 Results

David E.  1  —  Roger P.  0
Terrell B.  1  —  Tianwen G.
Raymond Z.  1  —  Leonard D.  0
Austin M.  0  —  Ravi S.  1
Vince V.  —  1/2-pt BYE
George P.  —  1/2-pt BYE
Calvin F.  —  1/2-pt BYE

Round 2 Pairings

David E.  —  Terrell B.
Ravi S.  —  Raymond Z.
Vince V.  —  Calvin F.
Tianwen G.  —  Leonard D.
Roger P.  —  George P.
Austin M. — Forced 1-pt BYE

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