Georgetown Chess Club’s 3rd Annual Club Championship Begins Nov 2!

The Georgetown Chess Club is hosting its 3rd Annual Club Championship, beginning on Wednesday, Nov 2. 

This is a 6-round G/90;+30 event, with one round per Wednesday as scheduled below. It is a USCF-rated event, so an active USCF membership is required to participate. Pre-registration by email is strongly encouraged: All entry fees will be collected on-site. We can host a maximum of 50 players for this event. Entry fee is $20 (all fees collected on-site, cash or check only), with a cash prize for the club champion, trophies for 1st-3rd overall and medals for 1st-3rd U1400. Tie-breaks will be applied. All rounds are played at the Georgetown Public Library in a community room on the second floor. Doors open at 5:30 PM. Registration for Round 1 is from 5:30 to 5:55 PM on Nov 2. Clocks start by 6:15 PM for each round. One 1/2-point BYE is available rounds 1-4. BYEs must be requested by noon on Monday preceding the requested BYE round. Exception: you may request a Round 1 BYE (late entry) up to noon on the Monday (Nov 7) preceding Round 2. Sign up on our club web site to receive email posts about this and future tournaments:

Bring your board and clock! None provided.

November 2016 Events
Nov 2 – Round 1 of 6, GCC 2016 Championship G/90;+30; ENTRY FEE: $20, must be a USCF member
Nov 9 – Round 2 of 6, GCC 2016 Championship G/90;+30
Nov 16 – Round 3 of 6, GCC 2016 Championship G/90;+30
Nov 23 – NO MEETING, Thanksgiving break
Nov 30 – Round 4 of 6, GCC 2016 Championship G/90;+30

December 2016 Events
Dec 7 – Round 5 of 6, GCC 2016 Championship G/90;+30
Dec 14 – Round 6 of 6, GCC 2016 Championship G/90;+30
Dec 21 – NO MEETING, Winter break
Dec 28 – NO MEETING, Winter break

Vincent VanBuren
President and TD, Georgetown Chess Club

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