October Swiss begins Wednesday, Oct 4!

GCC will host a USCF regular-rated 4-round G/90;+30 Swiss (GCC October 2017 Swiss) beginning Wednesday, Oct 4.
Where: Georgetown Public Library, 2nd-floor community room
Registration: Oct 4, 5:30 – 6 PM; pre-registration by emailing Vincent VanBuren your intention to play is encouraged: vvanburen@gmail.com
When: Oct 4, 11, 18, and 25; Clocks start at 6:15 PM
EF: $2
Prizes: none

Format policy: our new policy is that is we have 18 or more entrants, we will divide the pairings into an upper an lower section. To make the policy robust to future growth, we will have 3 sections if there are 30 or more players. This policy applies to our regular 4-week tournaments played at G/90;+30.

Championship: this year the GCC Club Championship (beginning in November) will persist as a single Open section. All play in one section, although there are separate U1400 prizes (medals).



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