G/5 USCF-Rated Blitz tonight!

GCC will host a one-night multi-section double round robin USCF-rated blitz (G/5) tournament tonight. Please note that we are playing G/5 with no delay or increment, as this is a change from how we originally advertised the tournament. Registration 5:30-6:00 PM. Rounds start at 6:15 PM. Preregistration by emailing your intent to play is encouraged: vvanburen@gmail.com EF: $2, must be USCF member.

As a courtesy to other players, please do not enter the tournament if you think that you may need to leave before the completion of the tournament.

Please check this link for special USCF rules pertaining to rated blitz games: USCF Blitz rules

Blitz rules that I would like to highlight:

A game is won by the player:
7a.) Who has legally mated his opponent’s king.
7b.) Whose opponent resigns.
7c.) Who correctly points out that the opponent’s flag has fallen first, at any time before the game is otherwise ended, provided the player has mating material. Mating Material consists of (at a minimum) two minor pieces, a pawn, a rook, or a queen provided it isn’t a position where one could claim a draw under rule 8. If a player who claims a time forfeit states the claim with claimant’s flag still up, but then fails to stop the clock in time to avoid also exceeding the time limit, the claim will be void, unless the flag fall was observed by a director or independent witness.
7d.) Who, after an illegal move is completed by the opponent, takes the king (if the king is in check) or claims the win and stops the clock, before the player determines a move and provided the player has sufficient mating material as defined in rule 7c. A player who moves his king adjacent to the opponent’s king and then attempts to claim a win under this rule based on the opponent’s failure to notice the check shall lose the game.
7e.) An illegal move doesn’t negate a player’s right to claim on time, provided it is made prior to the opponent’s claim of an illegal move. If the claims are simultaneous, the player who made the illegal move loses.

8.) Defining a draw.
Except as listed here, draw claims allowed under the regular rules are also allowed under the blitz rules.
A game is a draw:
8a.) If one of the kings is stalemated.
8b.) By agreement between the players.
8c.) If the flag of one player falls after the flag of the other player has already fallen and a win has not been claimed, unless either side mates before noticing that both flags are down.
8d.) If one player has insufficient mating material when the opponent’s flag falls or makes an illegal move. “Insufficient Losing Chances” (ILC) claims are not allowed.

10.) If a player touches one piece, then moves another; and presses the clock, the opponent may press the player’s clock to force the player to move the piece touched, or may stop the clock to claim a violation. A penalty may be assessed.

13.) Spectators and players in another game are not to speak or otherwise interfere. If a spectator interferes in any way that may affect the result of the game (e.g. calling attention to a flag fall or an illegal move), the tournament director may cancel the game and rule that a new game be played in its stead and expel the offending party from the playing room. If the offending party is participating in the event, penalties at the discretion of the tournament director may be assessed up to expulsion from the event.

14.) A player who has played an illegal move must retract it and make a legal move with the piece touched prior to pressing the clock. If no legal move exists with that piece then he may make any legal move. Illegal moves unnoticed by both players cannot be corrected afterwards. An illegal move is completed when the player presses the clock.

15.) A legal move is completed when the hand leaves the piece.

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