4th Annual GCC Championship – Round 1 results, PRELIMINARY Round 2 Pairings

We had an exciting Round 1 with more than one reversal of fortune among several toughly fought games!

There is still time to join our 4th Annual Georgetown Chess Club Championship. You can join by emailing the TD  your commitment to play by 12 noon on Monday, November 13, and receive a 1/2-point BYE for Round 1: vvanburen@gmail.com. Round 2 will be Wednesday Nov 15 (clocks start at 6:15 PM). See BYE POLICY.

Round 1 results

Note: Gao graciously served as a house player in Round 1, and Subba will likely serve as a house player in Round 2. Thanks to both of them for helping to avoid a forced bye for anyone! We currently have 13 players enrolled in the tournament.


Note: The pairings below could change anytime up to the start of Round 2. Some players may request byes, and late entries are also permitted (up until noon on Monday).

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