Round 2 Results, PRELIMINARY Round 3 Pairings

For those of you who stuck around at the end of round 2 to see preliminary pairings for round 3, there has been a change:  Jonathan T’s opponent forfeited, and the forfeit was not indicated in time to re-pair the whole round. Therefore, Jonathan T receives 1-pt in the tournament for the forfeit. He played a rated game with Subba R, but this will be reported as a separate section, not as part of the tournament. Please recall two considerations with respect to forfeit points: (1) forfeits do not affect ratings, and (2) points gained by forfeits and byes work against you in tie-break situations (i.e. points earned in played games will win tie-breaks). Below are results for Round 2 and PRELIMINARY pairings for Round 3. Reminder: there is no game during Thanksgiving week, so Round 3 will be played on Nov 29.

Round 2 Results

PRELIMINARY Round 3 Pairings

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