Standings and Round 6 Pairings – 2017 GCC Championship

Tonight is the final round of our annual championship! We have a few changes in pairings so that the two U1400 players with the highest scores (2.0) could face off against each other in the final round.

Results of round five and current standings with tie-breaks applied

I did not make any special announcements before Round 1 about what tie-breaks would be used, so the default USCF recommendations kick in:

34E. Calculating Swiss tiebreaks. This section deals with various systems that have been used successfully at all levels of play. For team events see 34G, Team tiebreaks. Unless a different method has been posted or announced before the start of the first round, players will expect the following sequence of tiebreak systems to be employed as the first four tiebreakers. Any variation to be used within the various systems should be posted also. These systems (and some additional ones) are explained in detail following the list.

1. Modified Median 2. Solkoff 3. Cumulative 4. Cumulative of Opposition

U.S. Chess Federation. United States Chess Federation’s Official Rules of Chess, Sixth Edition (Kindle Locations 3700-3703). Diversified Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Computed tie-breaks for the current standings

Note that Gao was not enrolled in the tournament, and served as a house player.

Pairings for Round 6

It should be an exciting final round! Play well!

Finally, I would like to say thanks for the card and gift card that the club gave me last week. What a nice surprise! I am happy to do what I can to facilitate chess tournaments in Georgetown, and the supportive players in this club make it easy.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! The GCC will resume meetings on January 10. Watch for a new schedule of events over the holiday break.


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